Help for Parents

Parents are the most important role models in our children's (and grandchildren's) lives. What we say and do about drugs is tremendously important. 

If your child needs help recovering from substance abuse or trauma, contact us today. 

It's never too early to start talking to your children about where you stand on drugs, alcohol, and abuse. Talking to your children or grandchildren can help shape their lives and set them towards success. 

Laying the Groundwork 

Children learn by example. They adopt the values we demonstrate through our actions. As they grow, they're impressed by our concern for others and by our honesty when we admit making a mistake. Learn about how you can lay the groundwork in the lives of the children you influence. 

Understanding Drugs

Many godly parents have prayed for their child or a loved one as they watch as the person continues down a path of rebellion and destruction. Learning about commonly abused substances can help you understand what your child is going through. Learn more about frequently abused substances and the danger they pose.