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Teen Challenge puts hope within reach. We enable recovery so teens can live free and fulfill their God-given purpose in life. The Adolescent Boys’ Center is for young men 12-17 with severe life-controlling problems, such as addiction, anger, defiance, rebellion, and trauma.  

Teen Challenge is available to help! If you’re overwhelmed with anger, on the run, or uncertain of your next steps, we can help. At the Reno Adolescent Boys’ Center, students receive education, mentoring, and spiritual guidance. Many of the students who come to the Adolescent Boys’ Center arrive with the need for adolescent drug counseling to overcome a drug addiction, the need for an at-risk youth program, or worse. Our residential program helps troubled youth to find a path to success and recovery through the spiritual success of the Teen Challenge program.

For parents wondering where to find help for your son, you are not alone! Many teens and their families are struggling with similar problems.

The Teen Challenge Adolescent Boys’ Center stands for freedom. We remain committed to helping the young men at the center to find a safe haven. Here, anger transforms to peace, depression into joy, and disorderly behavior into self-control. We look forward to seeing these young men transform, coming to know their purpose in life.

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The Teen Challenge Adolescent Boy's Center is where recovery happens for young men 12-17 years of age. Young men struggling to find recovery from anger, abuse, addiction, or alcoholism can get the help and recovery they need from Teen Challenge.

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