Adolescent Girl's Center

Teen Challenge puts hope within reach. We enable recovery so that teens can live free and fulfill their God-given purpose in life. The Adolescent Girls Center is for girls 12-17 with severe life-controlling problems, such as exploitation, sex trafficking, addiction, and trauma.

Teen Challenge is available to help! If you’re overwhelmed by family troubles, on the run, or uncertain of your next steps, we can help.

For parents wondering where to find help for your daughter, you are not alone! Many teens and their families are struggling with similar problems.

Homeless youth are more likely to have experienced abuse before leaving home. Life on the streets increases their risk for rape and sexual violence. Most youth in runaway shelters have left home due to a difficult family lifestyle.

There are approximately 800,000 people trafficked every year[1]. Of these, 80% are women or girls and 50% are minors. The global sex trade is the fastest growing form of commerce.

The Teen Challenge Adolescent Girls Center stands for freedom. We remain committed to helping the girls at this center to find a safe haven, love, freedom, and a purpose.

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The Teen Challenge Adolescent Girl's Center helps young women 12-17 years of age find the recovery they need from alcohol, abuse, addiction, and sex trafficking. With the sex trafficking industry becoming a larger threat to our communities, organizations like Teen Challenge help to offer recovery to the young women who have gone through the trauma of being trafficked.

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[1] Trafficking in Persons Report. June 2004. Accessed July 18, 2018.