Asbury Family Center

Teen Challenge puts hope within reach of the entire family.

If you want freedom from the pain of drug addiction, substance abuse, or life-controlling problems, we can help!

The Asbury Family Center is one of the only Teen Challenge family recovery centers in the United States. As addiction, abuse, and trauma increase in family settings, the need for recovery has as well.

The Teen Challenge program is 12-18 months long, and includes education, mentoring, and spiritual guidance. The program offers support, protection, encouragement, and – when necessary – firm confrontation.

The Teen Challenge Asbury Family Center stands for freedom. We’re committed to helping the families at this center find safety, freedom, and their God-given purpose.

For more information or to apply for admission to Teen Challenge, please click the links above. 

Asbury Family Center is designed for the whole family to get the recovery they need while staying together.

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